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With the global risks of the Coronavirus, we are initiating a remote training format for our newly announced SAM Intraosseous Access System (SAM IO). For your safety and ours, starting in the near future we will conduct online training sessions twice a week. These will be carried out live and will last approximately 30 minutes. You will have the ability to ask questions of the instructor at the end of the session. The online platform we’ll use will not require any media to be downloaded to join the training session, and can be accessed by clicking the link on our website. We’ll also record some of these sessions for access at a later date. Obviously, you will not be able to ask questions while viewing the recorded sessions.

How-to Sign-up for the Training
To sign-up please visit our contact page and fill out the form, but be sure to mention your intent to view the SAM IO Remote Training sessions. We will provide a link and instructions for viewing the training via email.

Demonstrations and Sales Meetings
While travel options are becoming more limited, we don’t want that to impede your ability to get information about the SAM IO, or any of our other products. If it’s your preference to not have in-person meetings, we can accommodate your request. We will be available for remote sales calls using the same online platform we’re using for our training programs. No need to download any media to engage in the meeting. There is no set time limit for your meeting. Contact your SAM Sales representative to set up a meeting. If you need a contact person, please contact our Customer Service Agent at or call 503-639-5474.

Providing Stability - A Hallmark of SAM Medical
In this current crisis environment, we want to provide assurance about the availability of products from SAM Medical. The vast majority of the materials and components in our products are made and sourced in the USA. We have a very small number of components that are sourced from outside the USA. As such, we have experienced no shortages of our products and have built up our finished good inventory quantities. Our ability to respond to orders has never been better.